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Hey Friends, I'm Courtney..

..& this is just the beginning of my Wildheart.

Most mornings i'm up at the crack of dawn craving the pot of coffee that I know is going to fuel me for my day.
I live in a studio apartment, decorated with white on white..on white, steps from the beach, with my seven year old daughter who is my every day supporter and our kitten Winslow. Winslow was once our boy cat that never grew any...you know whats.

I am passionate about my family, helping people, health, laughter, the outdoors, botanicals, Maui & driving fast. 

I'm known for sharing my heart with the world and always being on the pursuit to find love. 
I'm known for playing one single song on repeat until I know all the words.
In the gym i'm known as being strong + positive, to my friends i'm reliable + trustworthy....[& for not being a very good cook haha!]  In the summertime you can catch me on my boat, my inflatable boat. ;)  

Did you know that we all have superpowers?  Well if you didn't, now you do.  Mine is my intuition.  I've learnt through life expierences to be able to read situations, adapt however necessary and use my voice.  These three things are key in my life and in yours as well if we get to work together.  

You can count on me as friend, as somebody who will give you honest advice and who knows you're looking for a photographer who's going to capture you, just as you are.  

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Hey Guys! I'm Marissa!