We are story tellers with purpose. 

I'm gonna get a little deep with ya here for a sec, because thats what I do.  I'm a daughter to a 3 time cancer survivor who passed away February 24th 2018 and a single mother to a beautiful 7 year old.  I'm telling you this because it's these two life experiences that have really allowed me to become the story teller I am today.  

My dad, he's my hero.  He's the one who reminded me daily how important it is to capture, never to settle and that time is your friend.  He is a big part of the reason why I tell your story through the eyes of a daughter who wants to remember every moment, every feeling and every interaction. Just as it is.  Just as if it was her very own.
I know you don't want posed, awkward photos, its the first thing we hear from all our inquires. Don't worry we don't want those either.  We want you to have fun, be yourselves, and most importantly be in the love that you are.  If you're feeling nervous, it’s not going to be me making you feel more relaxed, it’s going to be your partner and as he/she is doing that - whether its holding you a little closer or making you laugh a little harder - that’s what I get to capture and just like that I've got some genuine moments. That’s how I work, I work with you
Growing up, my favourite photos to look back on are the ones of me hanging out with my brother and sister, exploring and having fun together on our family camping trips. Those images bring me right back to those exact moments and they’re the ones I treasure the most.  My mom wasn’t a photographer by any means - She documented what she saw.

Having two little ones of my own now, has really taught me how to be present and capture whatever is going on around me, whatever is going on around them.  Their little habits, facial expressions, how they interact with one another.  You can’t plan that stuff.  It just happens.  Again, these are the images I love the most - I get a true sense of my children.
I approach family and couple sessions the same way. I keep it easy going and simple. I want you to have fun together, interact and simply just enjoying being around each other.