With a Wildheart Collective

We believe in a courageous love.


We’d love to sit here and tell you how your day is going to unfold by using lots of beautiful descriptive words BUT thats a given. It’s going to unfold just as it will. Your day is about you, it’s not about us. We wholeheartedly believe in documenting you just as you are. We believe in an experience, in a courageous love, a love that takes work, and an everlasting love and if you feel any of those things, I know we’ll be a great fit.


 Meet The Team

Courtney Munson aka “ The Moment Anticipator”

Courtney Munson aka “ The Moment Anticipator”

I’m the primary source of contact throughout the wedding planning process. I have 7 years of attending weddings every single spring, summer, fall and even winter. I’ve seen a lot, but I don’t think i’ve seen it “all” if you know what I mean! This experience has really allowed me to learn what makes a wedding day truly run smoothly. I can help you with anything from a seamless timeline to how I get the best candid images during a wedding day and how to be fully present on your day because lord knows your wedding goes by even FASTER than the week leading up to it. I promise you that!


Marissa Trefry aka “ The Candids Ninja”

Marissa Trefry aka “ The Candids Ninja”

I run all things FAMILY! When you inquire for a family session, i’m the one you’re chatting with! Photography has had my heart since a young age, add lots of love and the west coast and you’ve got your self the perfect recipe for some awesome memories. If I didn’t have to make a living documenting, I would do it for free. With that being said I have created packages for the budget friendly families as well as big extended family sessions.

Insta: @wildheartedfamilies

Scroll down for a little Q&A !

Q & A


Do we photograph ALL weddings together?


Anything four hours and higher we photograph together, elopements and small weddings Courtney does these by herself unless the client has requested Marissa to photograph OR Courtney is away for that date. 


How long have we worked together for?


Marissa and I have been photographing together for the past 4 years. We started out second shooting for one another and then decided to join skills and become one team. We have both been photographing weddings for roughly 7 years.


What is our turn around time?


Our turn around time is 2-3 weeks for big weddings (4+hours coverage) and 1 week for elopements and small weddings.


How would we describe our shooting style?


Intentional, emotional and documentary.
Our images are for the couple who at the very core of their being wants to remember the feeling of their day when they look back at their photos. Honest photos have a way of bringing you right back to the smell, the vibe and all the things you were feeling in those moments. This means your day is captured just as it unfolds. We hope that in a sea of weddings, you see something different in our photos…and for the record, we don’t like posed photos either.


Do you travel for small weddings and elopements?


Unfortunately, we only photograph small weddings and elopements on the Sunshine Coast BC. We have some really awesome spots here, if you’re considering an elopement or small wedding, we would be happy to point you in the right direction for a rad coastal experience.


How many images do you typically get?


This is a very broad question. Truly it depends on how many hours we’re photographing, how many details you have, and how much time you’ve allotted for us to capture those details. We like to say roughly 60-80 images per hour.