I'm a story teller with a purpose. 


I love LOVE so much capturing the big emotions of other people on the most special day of their lives.  A day that can evoke so many feelings, some that are welcomed and lets be real…some that are scary.

I've planned a wedding once..for myself, in two weeks, in my parents back yard and it was a total BOMB. Haha! I can laugh now but man, my 21 year old new mama self was not thinking with her head on straight!  OR maybe…she just didn’t have enough life experience under her belt!


So brides to be, I sit here on the deck of our trailer, my girl playing with our dog Cleo and my partner Gary sharpening chainsaws, daydreaming of what my day will one day look like when I get to do it over again.  It’ll look a lot different than the first time!! haha.


Living on the Sunshine Coast feels like luxury and I kid you not.  If you’re planning to get married here, you’ve picked the best place in the world.  

If we’re not up the mountain cooking dinner over a fire we’re on the zodiac heading off on our next adventure.   I am so grateful.  We can give you the full West Coast experience if you’re up for it!


I’m all about easy connection, i’m all about you being exactly who you are, i’m all about human beings being real and kind to one another.  Real talk, if any of this resonates with you please do leave a note. 


Chat soon,





Hey Guys! I'm Marissa!

Hey guys, i’m Marissa and I love calling Sechelt my home, a little seaside town full of biking trails, beautiful hikes and magical sunsets.  Its the perfect spot to raise my two littles.

My weekends are spent out enjoying all the Coast has to offer, usually an iced coffee in hand and my car looking like a sandbox after the day’s done.   I wouldn’t have it any other way.

What I love most about photography is capturing people just as they are.  There is no method to my madness, I simply capture what I see.  The interaction between siblings, the moments before a father lets go of his daughter and those candids we all love of families seeing each other for the first time in a long time.


I look forward to learning more about you and your family.
Talk soon,


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