With a Wildheart Collective
We love the photos!! They are so authentic and beautiful. You were more than just our photographer, you are part of our family! We were so happy to share this experience with you!! Thank you so much for everything!
— Rob + Lea

Hey guys, I'm Courtney the owner of With a Wildheart & I'm gettin' straight to the goods.

First things first...Living on the Sunshine Coast feels like luxury and I kid you not.  If you’re planning to get married here, you’ve picked the best place in the world

I want to tell you all about me, the me that isn't JUST a photographer, JUST a vendor, JUST a mama and JUST a partner.  I am so much more & so are you. 

I'm somebody who LIVES in lulu's & Levis, sneakers and ball caps. Who LOVES fries and gravy. 
I call my heart WILD because I invest it in everything that I do. 
I LIVE for ordinary moments and truly believe these are the most extraordinary.
I'm all about EXPERIENCES
Give me the MOUNTAINS + the OCEAN and i'm a happy girl.
I photograph almost exclusively on the SUNSHINE COAST.
I get so much JOY out of giving.
SHARING my life experiences in hopes that even just one person connects with me and finds comfort within my words is my mission.
LISTENING is so important to me. 
I am so in LOVE with my partner that I obsess over making every moment I can...special. 
& keeping life SIMPLE is what I strive for. 

Yes, I am a mother, a partner and a photographer too BUT all the above makes me really good at what I do for all of you and those I love. 






Keep on scrollin' on to find out what makes US different!


We keep it simple, keep it light and focus on the candid moments.

With 7 years in the industry and lots of lessons learned you can trust that your day will be captured with ease and confidence.

You're kiiiinda getting two really rad photographers for the price of one.  We've been working as a duo for the last 3 years. Rest assured your moments are being captured, even the ones you don't know are happening.

We have a 3 week turnaround time.  We're able to provide this prompt delivery thanks to our awesome partnership!  


Feel like we'd be a great match? Introduce yourself and let us know how we can serve you!

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