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Happy Friday beautiful friends!

Absolutely ANY time I get an inquiry about photographing a family, wedding, engagement..soul beauty I am instantly honoured.
Honoured because to me photographing isn't about getting the "perfect photo " its about being invited into your family for a few hours, to get to know you, see your imperfections, to relate and connect.  To simply capture interaction, conversation,laughter and love.  

This family invited me over to Thormanby Island, a quick boat trip from Secret Cove on the Sunshine Coast BC.  What a magical experience it was.  For one, I love adventure - any time my work takes me places I don't regularly visit I instantly feel an immeasurable serge of gratitude.  I love being on the water, any place any time.  I love visiting new places, as it feeds my soul.  I love that this is what I do for a living, I give people the gift of moments captured.  

Danielle, I'm excited to return to Thormanby this July to meet your newest little man + be apart of your day once again.