Soul Food

My daily is definitely an every [ few days ] kinda daily.  Bare with me. 

Today's post is a message of encouragement.  I've gone through stages of hobbyist, professional + hobbyist, just professional and moments of " what the hell am I doing?!"  We all ask ourselves that sometimes, don't we ?  I've come to the conclusion that I am truly happiness driven + I must keep being a hobbyist photographer as well as a professional one.  Why you ask?  Because it feeds my soul.

  • Courtney, what does " Feeding your soul mean ? You say it all the time! "  feeding your soul is doing something for you and only you.  Where you take a deep breath and exhale knowing you feel truly fulfilled. 

HUFFPOST Healthy Living has a good list of ways to feed your soul, GO take a peek - I encourage you to do something that feeds your soul today.  It's quite simple and very rewarding.

I've made it my purpose in life to give people the gift of moments.  I had a chat with my pops yesterday eve [ he is a very passionate man ] and he said " All you have to look back at is photographs and as you get older you tend to forget.  Looking back at those photos help you to remember ."  

Sure, I'm a photographer - I can take gorgeous images of girl, family, friends, clients..but so can YOU.  
Not only do I encourage you to take MORE photos of your daily adventures, woes + proud moments I encourage you to let somebody else do the dirty work for you.  So you too can be apart of those memories + moments.  It truly is an experience, one I want everybody to feel.

I'll leave that with you,
Love Coco