Betsy + Ryan


Hanging out with Betsy + Ryan was nothing short of hilarious and a ton of fun.  Betsy has been travelling to Thormanby Island with her family as she grew up and now she gets to explore this gorgeous island with her fiance Ryan.  Which makes my heart burst.  Betsy you have yourself a real character of a fiance ! It was non stop laughs +  a true pleasure getting to know the both of you in the little time we had together! ( So glad I survived the ride over!! haha) 

I nearly died on my way over to Thormanby Island that night.  It was pretty much " The Perfect Storm" out that day and I was terrified !  " Ok, ok.  It wasn't THAT bad but it was pretty bad.  Bad enough that Betsy + Ryan offered me a place to stay " We got lotsa booze! " they said! Haha! I almost took them up on their offer.  It would be a dream come true to stay a few nights on Thormanby with my little girl.  It's something we've yet to do and it's right in our backyard! Who's in?!

This is something you guys might not know about me...i'm actually really nervous on the water.  I'm on my little boat ALL the time + it scares the absolute SH*T out of me...we're suppose to do the things that scare us though right?  That's what all the quotes say anyway.

Congratulations on your engagement + thank you so much for inviting me over to Thormanby.
BIG LOVE to the both of you,