Janella + Ryan | Point House in Sargents Bay Elopement | Sunshine Coast BC Elopement Photographer

When I think about getting married, one word comes to mind.  ADVENTURE! 

I'm not being honest here.  When I think about getting married...again - yes for those of you who don't know I have been married once before.  I'll be completely real with you, it was for the wrong reasons..it was an "adventure" to say the least.  What i've learnt through my process of being divorced and a single mom is immeasurable.  I'll share more about that part of my life with you soon....

One of the biggest things i've observed through all my experiences in the past 4.5 years is what love actually looks like + that true love does exist.  My clients remind me of this each and every time I'm invited into their stories.

It doesn't look like a diamond ring, it doesn't look like the fancy wedding, it looks soft, secure, comforting + connected.  Which is what Janella + Ryan effortlessly demonstrated during their elopement at the Point House in Sargents Bay BC.  When he looked at her, her smile told so many stories.  You knew these two were getting married for all the right reasons.  The Point House is such a perfect venue for those of you who are wanting to run away + tie the knot in a simple, heartfelt way.

Thank you SO much for inviting me to be apart of your day.