Binnington Family | At Home Family Photography | Sunshine Coast BC Newborn Photographer

Kristin and Rob invited me into their home in Vancouver to document their first moments with their sweet 19 day old baby Bryce. And I just looooove doing at home sessions!! They are so easy going and relaxed because it is basically the little one that runs the show. From feeding time to snuggles to diaper changes. This way I get the capture all the beautiful and real moments that naturally happen.

Being a mom of a 3 and almost 6 year old, I know how quickly these moments change. I wished I would have had an at home session to document our daily routines, like for example changing diapers! I loved the moment when Kristin and Rob were changing Bryce and were working together as a team. It brought back memories my husband Brett and I partnering up to change Parker when he was a newborn. Little moments you think won’t fade, but they do!

“Oh wow - do I ever LOVE them!!!!!! 
There are so many amazing shots - I’m so grateful you were able to capture such a special moment in our lives! Thank you very much for the work you do and for your talented eye!!!!! 
I’ll cherish these forever!!!! Thanks Marissa!!!
Xo" - Kristin