5 Gotta-Know Tips for a Smooth Wedding Day Timeline!

Being a wedding photographer for the last 7 years has been so eye opening and such a cool life experience.  One of the questions I receive with almost EVERY inquiry is “ How many hours do you think we’d need?”  My reply typically is “ Can I take a peek at your timeline ?” 

If you’ve read my about me, you'll know i’ve planned a wedding once myself.  I had two weeks to plan the wedding of my dreams, HAHA!  HELLO PINTEREST.  I failed miserably. Both in planning + my marriage haha!!  We don’t need to get into detail about that, however I do want you to know that I can relate.  Pinterest can make planning a wedding seem fun and easy but there is so much more to it. The planning process can quickly become stressful and overwhelming.  Who's with me on this?!

I am here to help YOU out with these 5 Gotta-Know Tips that will make not only your timeline planning process smoother but also your wedding day run a lot more relaxed!

Contact us if you'd like to see our timeline guide!  Heck ya we've got one!

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5 Gotta-Know Tips for a Smooth Wedding Day Timeline!

1. Wedding Planners are WORTH the Investment

Ok, so...I never knew how important it was to hire a wedding planner until about my 3rd year of photographing weddings.  Not until Melissa Tripp from Coastal Weddings and Events started sprinkling her magic all over the industry.  You may choose not to hire a planner because you think you can do it all on your own, but I can’t tell you enough how this investment is absolutely high on the list of one to make. WHY?  Because it’s their job to know the wedding industry, help you find vendors you’ll love and they’re the ones your guests and family can go to on your day for absolutely everything and anything.  YOU then have ZERO stress on your plate and it alleviates any of your family and friends ( & even your photographer)  from having to hold the stress or responsibility on a day that they should be enjoying with you!  Let the professionals run the show, you should only have to worry about enjoying yourself on your day! Check out our vendor referral page to get your hands on the best planners the Sunshine Coast has to offer!  

2.  2 Words.  Buffer Time.

I know, I know…You’re not going to be late for your OWN wedding day.  HAHA!  Almost EVERY wedding falls behind (yes even the ones with planners can fall behind too).  Things happen! From hair and makeup running behind, ferries delaying, or the weather causing you to wait until the last minute to set up that tent for your outdoor ceremony ( been there! ). You’re going to want to consider these things when building your wedding day timeline. 

Create some buffer time for when these things happen, instead of getting our panties in a knot we can all relax knowing we have time.   Another reason why buffer time is good to have in your timeline is so that you can RELAX during your day.  YEP, a lot of the time its go go go and we don't like that.  We want you to enjoy your day and take that moment with your new husband before you walk into your reception.  Its so important to us that you guys have some YOU time.  I mean…it IS your wedding day after all.  


Amy + Byron // The Point House at Sargent Bay

3. First Looks aren't all about the looks.

1. First looks are pretty cool.  I've heard it quite a few times that my brides would love to have a small intimate wedding but they just can't.  Too many people love them and want to be a part of their day.  Which, I totally understand - This isn't a bad thing!  This is where first looks come in handy.  If having that moment with just your soon to be hubby is super important to you, I highly recommend you consider ditching the traditional timeline.

2. Putting your first look/portraits, bridal party portraits and family photos before your ceremony means you get to PARTY down a lot sooner than later and your guests aren't waiting around for you to come back from photo time!   

3. One last thing about first looks..for those of you who feel nervous in front of the camera - a first look might be for you! It gives us SO many juicy candid emotions, they’re so much fun to capture and YOU don't have a to do a damn thing but love and admire the person you're about to marry! 

4. Share your timeline with everyone, not just your vendors!

Communicate, communicate, communicate!  Details, details, details! 
The more people who have your timeline and the more detailed your timeline is the smoother your day is going to go!  As photographers we love knowing exactly how much time you've allotted for us to get our part executed.  It helps that we're all on the same page!  Ya' feel me?!

5) Lastly…This kiiiinda has to do with timeline but more so better bang for your buck! 

FEED your photographers right after you and your family have been served.  YES, I said it. WHY?? Because depending on how your day is structured, you’re probably going to start speeches shortly after you’re done eating.  Right?  Which means if we’re eating last then we’ve got a whole half hour or so of wasting your money.  “Wait what???!” You’re probably thinking.  Let me explain.  We don’t photograph when people are eating, nobody likes their photo being taken while they eat AND more importantly we want to be fuelled up and ready to rock once your speeches are ready to go.

Remember your wedding timeline is a guideline and nothing is set in stone.  It’s always best to follow the timeline as feels appropriate in the moment. A little flexibility goes a long way and is ultimately the key to enjoying a wedding day that feels natural, has a good flow and is down right fun!

Thanks for being here with me!
Love, Court

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