How to best prepare for a photo session with the Wildheart's. | Sunshine Coast BC

Ok, ok.  So you’ve booked a photo session with your fave photographer and now what?
You’ve probably got a million questions running through your head along with a million insecurities that come with the idea of being photographed.  Nobody wants to look stiff or awkward.  Everybody wants their significant other to have fun.  Lets be honest ladies, our men really don’t want to be at a photo session but they totally do it for us because they love us so so so much!  Or…we’ve just asked them so many times they’ve finally given in haha! In my experience nobody wants to look fake, forced or posed.  I honestly don’t want any of those things either.  So here are a few ways to loosen up, feel your best and have fun during your shoot with the Wildheart’s. 


How to best prepare for a photo session with the Wildheart's.

1. What do I wear?   

What to wear…guys this is my daily struggle.  I honestly find myself wearing the same thing almost day in and day out.  I absolutely understand the pressure that comes with what to wear to a photo session.

The ultimate goal is to be comfortable.  Your outfit should be a reflection of who you are! 
From my experience if you’re wearing something that flows and is fun then it will allow you to feel like you want to have fun in what you’re wearing.  Ladies, it gives you something to play with, when your man twirls you on the beach, picks you up over their shoulder, holds you tight and the wind is blowing, your outfit will create such a beautiful look for our photos. 
It’s easier to move in something free flowing vs tight fitting.

HOWEVER.  IF you’re a gal who loves her form fitting Levi’s ( like I do ) your leather jacket…( like I do ) and your Brixton hats…(like I do…) then bring a big blanket scarf OR a blanket for that matter that we can have fun with during our shoot.   

One of my rules is to co-ordinate with your partner but don’t match.  Accessorize as much as your heart desires, bring a couple things to the shoot and we can pick and choose what we want to use and what we don’t want to use.  
Sometimes something as simple as a bouquet of flowers is romantic and beautiful.

Makeup by Tanya Pearl  Hair by Celine from Hair Matters

Makeup by Tanya Pearl
Hair by Celine from Hair Matters


2. How to be at ease with your partners hesitance regarding your session.

Leave this up to me.  Honestly, he’s there with you thats your part done - It’s my job to loosen him up, complement the two of you and get him so busy with our prompts that he won’t even have time to think about a thing.  He’ll be too busy twirling you, running beside you, and cuddling up to you to even care that he’s at a photo shoot.  I promise.


3. How to get genuine images.

Ok so, none of us want posed images and thankfully thats a trend of the past.  For ever and ever I photographed my clients with no prompts and lots of body language reading.   I flew by the seat of my pants creating my own prompts without even knowing it.  A prompt  gives you guys something to do, gives us some imagery and they help me communicate with you exactly how I want you to move and have fun with the one you love!  Lets just say I give you no time to feel stiff or feel awkward!


4. How to kick those insecurities in the ass!

I go through a whole whack of emotions AND insecurities before every.single.shoot.
My job, it’s important and stressful at times.  You’re investing in me and i’m putting you in one of the what some would say most the vulnerable places you’ve ever been. 

Planning your outfit well in advance is probably #1 when it comes to feeling GOOD at your shoot.  Knowing that you’ve picked something that you can move in and feel comfortable in is the goal!


5. Think about why you’re getting these photos done.

What is your purpose?  Some couples want to re connect, have fun and be playful.  I feel as adults we don’t really “play” all that often so it’s a lot of fun when we can create that and go with it!  Some couples just want an hour away from the kids and grab some dinner after looking all dolled up because thats fun!  Some are aware that this is part of the legacy you’re leaving behind for your family and thats super special. 


6. Relax & Trust Your Photographer.

This is the ultimate goal.  We hope that you see yourself in our images on the website, that you connect with our words and you’re hiring us for us.  Each of us have our own way of photographing you, each of us have our own super power as I like to call it, each of us style our shoots in our own ways and we’ll all pull something different from you.  It’s so important to really get to know your photographer just as it is important for us to get to know you.

Remember that the purpose of your photo session is to connect and have FUN - trust that you have everything you need and if you have any questions about when the best time to book a session might be - shoot them my way!

Lots of love,