Ann + Mike | Rockwater Secret Cove Elopement

Ann and Mike.  These two travelled in from Vancouver, BC - Leaving their littles behind to get hitched at the gorgeous Rockwater Secret Cove Resort, just the two of them.
Mike was a single dad of two and Ann hadn't had any kids yet.  We connected about this because I too was once a single mother.  We talked a lot about the dynamics between blended families and all the positive, amazing things that can come out of them.  I asked Mike a few questions about how he navigated through dating as a single dad.  I love hearing the man's perspective, ladies, it's not far off from ours!  Challenging, scary, and worth it!

I love love love finding a common ground with my clients.  It makes for such a more enjoyable experience.  We instantaneously become friends and the laughs start flying.

Alright guys, thanks for being here with me.