Chrissy + Darren | Rockwater Elopement | Sunshine Coast BC Elopement Photography

Hey guys!  Thanks for being here with me!

I get the privilege of photographing intimate elopements at the Rockwater Secret Cove Resort quite often and I freaking LOVE it.  The staff is so lovely, and who wouldn't want to work on the water on beautiful sunshiny makes working in gloomy weather all that much more enjoyable too. 

One of my favourite parts about these elopements is that I actually don't know the client at all.  They fly in from all around the world to elope, 97% are eloping traditionally ( nobody knows they've snuck off to get hitched ) and the other 3% just want to celebrate their love with only their best friend...myself, Yvonne the wedding co-ordinator and whomever the celebrant is.  I get to be the official photographer AND witness.  What an honour. 

I love learning little bits and pieces of my client in the 1 hour we have together.  These two met online dating and boy did we have some stories to share.  I online dated for YEARS and then I met the man of my dreams at HIS sister's elopement that I was helping photograph.  HAHA, go figure!   Life is so funny.

Alright, enjoy their photos!


Hair and Makeup by: Save the Date Beauty

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