Tara + Josh | Sunshine Coast Botanical Garden Wedding

This is the most beautiful testimonial, it blew me away.

Trust is #1 in our books, when we say we can do something for you, we do it. When we say we will deliver within a week or a few days of your wedding, we do. When we say we’ll capture your love exactly how you show love to one another, we do. When we say it’ll feel like hangin’ with “new/old” friends it does.

Testimonials are super important, they’re a great way for potential and new clients to relate to bridal feelings and get the inside scoop on the photographer they’ve booked or are booking.

Tara and Josh trusted the process, they genuinely loved who I was as a person and they embraced whatever I threw at them and in turn we created some gorgeous images and captured some pretty amazing love.

XO Court

“It’s almost hard to put into words how much it meant to have Courtney photograph Josh and I on our wedding day.  I met Courtney 7 years ago when I was working in the town she lives.  I remember the first thing I said to her was “I love your work”.  I knew she was a very talented, creative woman from what I was seeing of hers.  

Josh and I were on the fence for over a year after we got engaged as to whether or not we wanted to romantically elope or have a wedding.  We both have large families and fortunately quite a list of people in our lives that mean a lot to us.  After long soul searching (and some helpful conversations along the way with Courtney) we decided to do it, have a wedding.  I am so happy we went the route we did, it was a complete day of love overload.  

Courtney was so helpful, in my efforts to a create a natural day of ease, there were some key areas I was forgetting.  I approached her claiming that (and I get the feeling she gets this quite often from her clientele) I was a “non traditional” bride.  We decided we didn’t want to have a wedding party, the first dance, the cake ceremony, the traditional photos, the garter ha!  I could go on.. We didn’t want hoopla, or wedding stress.  We wanted to share a ceremony, in nature, with personal vows written by us, witnessed by people that are in our lives, and who we hope will support us in this commitment moving forward.  It was simply a ceremony followed by a festive reception, delicious food and great music.  Environmentally I wanted a day that wasn’t wasteful as well.  I am very proud to say that my dear friend donated locally foraged “off the hook” beautiful flowers and my decoration budget was $13, a self made quote that hung on bunting flags in the dining area that read “ forever is composed of nows”.  A quote that speaks strongly about how I feel about our marriage and love.  I want it to be forever, and to always live in this moment, not the past and not just in the future.  Enjoy the right now.  

Back to Courtney, she blow my (and Josh’s as well) mind in the way she captured our wedding day.  I am so grateful she suggested that we do a mini photo shoot, just the two of us after the ceremony.  In my desire not to be traditional and not do “photos” , I had never even thought of this, until Courtney suggested it.  She did capture many candid ones of the ceremony and after but these photos are something I will cherish forever.  If you are not happy with your wedding photos I strongly suggest to anyone to book an anniversary shoot with Courtney, you will NOT be disappointed.  

So how to find the words to describe her talent?  It’s as though we was the icing on my wedding cake.  Like the amazing cream cheese sweetness on my yummy carrot cake; I can’t imagine having had it without her.  She was so professional, so easy to communicate with in the process, on the day of she took on extra role of somewhat wedding planner/timing coordinator.   Though I would have never expect that, she just seamlessly helped.  She was so caring and loving and I felt like she was taking care of me, especially those wild moments before my Dad and I walked down the aisle.  I felt like I was at the top of a roller coaster!   She was complimented by so many of the guests, and the photos, well you simply have to see them because they just speak for them selves.  She also woke me up the next day with my most favourite photo ever.  I think I just gazed and smiled at my phone when I got it.  And it meant so much to me that she edited and sent the photos to us so quickly!  On our honeymoon I was able to relive the whirlwind of that incredible, meaningful day.  

Courtney is a true talent, and I would say that she will make your wedding experience multiply x10 by having it photographed by her, and having her photos to look back on.  She will capture the love.” 

Tara & Josh

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