Frankie + Jason | Rockwater Secret Cove Wedding | Sunshine Coast BC Wedding Photography

There's something comforting about spending my weekends getting to know other peoples dads...HAHA that sounds SO weird.  But i'm being 100% serious.  

Since losing my dad, I've gained a valuable vision of how to capture my clients and the people they cherish the most.  I've never been that " creative " person who strives to learn the next best trend, i've always been the real moment capturer.  

The difference between then and now is that I'd never experienced that process after somebody passes away and how these images are used.  All the photos, the memories, the conversation behind the photos.  & I think about what kind of photos my clients will have when that time comes for them.  
This probably sounds SO weird to you guys, but it's the truth.

This way of thinking helps me tell your day in the most intentional, meaningful way.  It's deep, I understand that - but what a lesson I've learnt.  To comprehend and fast forward years and years to give you the most intentional photos you've ever held on to.

I take pride in this. Thank you dad.

Frankie and Jason came all the way from North Carolina to get married at the Rockwater Secret Cove Resort on the Sunshine Coast BC.  Their entire family was welcoming and took me in like one of their own!  It was such a blast.  

Congratulations you two!! 

Makeup by: Sarah Till
Cake by: Vicky from Cheeky Monkey Cakes
Venue: Rockwater Secret Cove Resort

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