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“Let the improving of your own life keep you so busy, that you have no time to criticize others!”- HJ BROWN

I lost my dad February, 24th 2018 to non Hodgkins lymphoma.  We battled for 10 years and it has absolutely changed me and my life.
Below is one of his lessons he's left with me and I think you will benefit from it as well.  Keep on scrolling down.

Photo by: Lindyn Williams Outfit from: Moorestock Outfitters Based on the Sunshine Coast, BC Canada

Photo by: Lindyn Williams
Outfit from: Moorestock Outfitters
Based on the Sunshine Coast, BC Canada

One of the things I've really learnt in the last few months while greiving the loss of my dad, is his lessons about patience.

I have become so focused on what I can do right now for my family to create an easier transition into all the big things life has to offer. Guys, I'm proud of myself.

Im the kind of person who gets an idea in her mind and that idea wont quit until it is executed. Esentially I want what I see, and then I go get it.  

The example I have for you is one from way back when I was in elementary school. I was obsessed with getting my ears peirced. For a long time, I'd wake up and the first thing I'd do was run in to my dads bedroom and ask him if I could go to pharmasave after school to get my ears peirced.  

Guys, I had SO many ear piercings. He'd always say to me " Courtney, if you fill your ears with holes now, you wont have anything to look forward too when you're older! "   Obviously his lesson was much bigger than I won't have any room left to get my ears pierced when I'm 20.  My dad had the BEST analogies. 

My guy and I, we're talking about things like babies, marriage, home building, combining finances, financing a new vehicle...these are all HUGE life changing things. I want all of these, YESTERDAY.

We started the whole house idea thing, and I quickly realized NOPE, we're not ready for this. Not that our relationship wasn't ready but I know, we can prepare our selves for a smoother transition. WHY throw ourselves into the deep end when we actually have the power to plan and do this with a little less financial stress. I really like our 1000$ a month mortgage payment, I'm not in any rush to live, to work, to pay high mortgages. haha!

I won't do it. My mom always says to me that her and my dads happiest times were the times they lived in their moible home, with my oldest two brothers, Clay and Cody.
I'm hangin' on to that, I feel it.

THIS IS A HUGE LESSON FOR ME! I would have dove right the heck into that deep end and been grasping for air right in the thick of all of it. Gary and I have been together 1 year. We have a LIFE TIME a head of us to conquor all our dreams and goals.  Losing my dad at the age 30 has made me realize how SHORT 30 years truly is.  30 years is the TIP of a persons life and now my guy and I have the REST of our lives to do all these amazing things together.  

I often search to feel my dad and I'm realizing right now, in this very moment.  His lessons surface when I need him the most.  I need him now, I need to bounce these ideas off him, I need him to bring me back down to earth...I don't get that though.  I get his lessons and I couldn't be more happy to feel this connection even though I don't get him in his physical. 

Anyways guys, the moral of the story is as such...

We have a LIFE time ahead of us, don't rush and do all the things now.  Wait, enjoy your time with your partner, build your solid foundations, be a couple steps ahead of your decisions if you have the option. The choice is yours and i've learnt that time is your friend and patience absolutely is a virtue.  Thanks Dad.

BIG love to all of you,




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