Lawerence and Taylor | Musqueam Cultural Centre | Vancouver, BC

We are well on our way for another year of gorgeous weddings! We can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store for us!

As I reflect on last year and I can’t begin to tell you how amazing every single one of our clients were and are. How they became our friends. How they trusted our process and embraced it. How although it was the toughest year of my life, it was equally right up there with being the best year as well. How we managed to turn EVERY SINGLE WEDDING around within 1 WEEK of the wedding date. Talk about TEAM work! I am so proud of us!

We’ve worked hard at maintaining our true selves and not falling into the trap of social media “must do’s” and whats “trendy”. Last year we truly lived a balanced work life and home life and this year we’re gearing up for another one just the same. This is why you may see inconsistent posting, or no stories for a week at a time on our instagram. Our lives and our business isn’t made up of “being active on social media” it is made up of making REAL moments and having real experiences and sometimes those moments and expierences aren’t for social media and sometimes they are.

Our clients want us for what WE do, not what we mimic. We are here to give you a piece of ourselves and in turn preserve a piece of you and the ones you love. Each wedding day is so incredibly unique because truly not one person is the same, no weather is the same, no location is the same, and even if it is, you’ve done it differently. What is the same is that we’re there for you, your partner, friends and family. We are there to guide you as best we can, be your support, friend, and shoulder if needed.

Here is a glimpse into the day of Taylor and Lawerence. Their ceremony left me with goosebumps.
These two have hearts of gold, and a forever kinda love. It’s fierce and beautiful.

Ok, ciao for now.

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