Albert & Jackie | Pointhouse at Sergeant Bay Elopement | Sunshine Coast BC Elopement Photographer

We walk through life never actually knowing what tomorrow holds. 
Hold hands often, hug always, and love so so so fierce.

I asked Albert what he did for a living.
He is a Cancer doctor.
Naturally I stood in front of them, vulnerable and eager. I told him how thankful I was for him and all the people who do what he does. I told him how my dad had cancer, I told him details, they held my hand.

We talked, she opened up to me and told me she'd lost her mother at a young age. We shared a tear, and carried on. Carried on, on a different level of understanding of one another. When you lose a parent, it's kind of like you're in the " lost a parent club." Only those who've lost a parent know how you truly feel every single day. The moments we shared after that conversation was moments I'll never forget. 


Florals by: Melissa Tripp Coastal Weddings and Events
Location: The Pointhouse at Sergeant Bay

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