Meagan & Chad | Rockwater Secret Cove Resort Wedding | Sunshine Coast BC Photographers

“Courtney and Marissa captured our day in ways that I didn't even know possible. They seemed to be able to sense when a "moment" we would want to revel in was coming and make sure they got the shot. Our entire wedding party made comments about how nice it was having the two women around snapping pictures, and we are all completely OBSESSED with the finished product. Ladies - I couldn't recommend you enough. Your passion for your work is obvious, your talent is top notch, and your presence was warmly welcomed. Thank you thank you thank you!” - Meagan & Chad

A question I often ask potential clients is “what’s important to you?”. I ask this because sometimes I think amidst the hustle and bustle of planning a wedding some forget to stop and think about “what truly is important to us?”. It isn’t what the flowers look like, how the chairs are arranged, or the socks he put on that morning. I mean, maybe to some? But our clients understand that there is a much bigger picture to this whole wedding thing. It is about the details absolutely, but at the end of the day, these tangible memories are all you’ll have left at one point in your life. I say this because I’ve experienced loss recently, I lost my dad last February 24th 2018 and the bigger picture has never been more clear to me. The bigger picture being more interactions captured, more candid laughs from grandma and grandpa captured, it means making sure the parents are getting the images they want as well as the couple. It means giving you a life time of memories not just for you, but for everyone you love.

If you think about it…it is their love that brought us here right?

Love, Court

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