Katie & Devan | Sunshine Coast BC Elopement | Bonniebrook

Love rescues me.

It is my privilege to be a part of your day, to bring you an experience that is likely your first. Marrying the person you love with your entire self. Exchanging sacred vows, sharing a kiss, reminiscing on first moments you shared together. Absorbing all the unexpected things that happen on a wedding day and letting them go. Like when the marriage commissioners witness doesn’t end up showing up and he then goes down to the beach and finds two witnesses. It was hilarious and so fitting.

It is incredible the amount of learning that comes from every experience we live through, every wedding I document wether it be big or small, there is a lesson or a reminder. Katie and Devan reminded me to be fiercely myself, to laugh often, to not take life too seriously. They eloped the way they wanted to elope. They weren’t even going to kiss at the end of their ceremony because Katie didn’t want to…until I yelled out “where’s the kiss!” I mean, it was a natural reaction for me haha! First wedding where there was no kissy kissy at the end. For me, they shared a kiss and then many more after that.

Loving somebody and receiving love has got to be one of life’s most beautiful and courageous experiences. Living your life the way you want to is also up there with beautiful and courageous in my books. We will all go though some scary times at one point or another. We will go through things that will test our love, test our selves, encourage growth and change. It is inevitable. The only way I get through losing my dad some days is just knowing that a lot of my close friends have lost parents as well. Seeing that they’re still walking, gave me the courage to still walk. I am lucky to have such an incredible network around me, YOU guys are my network.
So thank you.
Thank you for being here with me.


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