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Hey! So, this post is a bit of a different one. I’m chatting a bit about our turn around time and how we can turn our images around as quickly as we do. We have managed to trim our turn around time from 12 weeks to just 1 week over the last couple of years, these past few years have been the most successful ones we’ve had so far! Successful in that we get to spend SO MUCH MORE TIME with our families. Thats why we work so hard isn’t it? To have a wonderful life?

You, a fellow wedding photographer or client might be wondering "how is that possible, are you just rushing through the process?"⠀

The typical wedding photo turn around time is aprox 10-12 weeks or more. This depends on if the photographer travels for their work, if they book other shoots in-between the big wedding weekends, if they have little kids, if they have a solid support system...it depends on a lot of things.
I'm going to suggest you throw all your judgements away right now and remember that everybody's scenario is different..


We also have never had a client wonder why they got their photos back as quickly as they do or a bad review about how their images look…A lot of the comments we get from new inquires who are viewing our full weddings on the blog are that our images look genuine and real.

I figured that because our turn around is pretty darn quick, we'd shed some light on how we do it.

We have our priorities exactly where we want em', we have a great working dynamic, the right people behind us, AND we've worked very hard to develop a system that works for us.⠀Marissa and I work around the clock from the moment we start capturing to the final delivery of our images.⠀Not to mention all the emailing back and forth a year in advance, meeting clients, location scouting, blogging and posting to social media. Our hours of work aren't just the amount we've been booked for on the day of the wedding.⠀

What I found to be the toughest part of the job when I was a 1 woman team, was going through the images after the wedding was photographed.  That was the part of the process that just took.so.long.for.me.  

Now that Marissa is a part of the team, she'll have the photos all picked out literally a few days after the wedding, ( this would sometimes take me a week after the wedding before I even looked at them other then sending client previews ) I then take the images and start editing as soon as I can. Wether that be at 4:30am like this morning or at a coffee shop, in bed...I just do it, I don't think about it, I sit down & I edit. It can sometimes take me a couple of 6 hour days. Sometimes less, sometimes more. Again, it depends on a lot of different things. We don’t do a lot of photo retouching other than removing obvious pimples because we really like you…just the way you are.

Fellow photographers, If you find yourself swamped, reach out, ask for help. Delegate the things that are hard for you, just because you outsource does not make you a weaker photographer, in my opinion it makes you a smarter photographer. & yes...I've read posts where people think those who hire out are less than for doing so.

Lets just put it this way, because I outsource the things I don’t like doing…I get to spend a lot of time doing what I do love to do which is spend time with my family. We get our summer back, we’re not editing into the dark days of fall.

I encourage you to do what works best for you, however…if you find yourself constantly battling with the editing blues, reach out, ask for help.

Alright, thats it from me! Take a scroll down if you want to view some of the gorgeous images of Julia & David’s West Coast Wilderness Lodge wedding! It’s a beauty.


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